May. 24, 2017
National Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Society

Please donate to futher reasearch and find cures for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. EDS syndromes are a group of dibilitating, genetic connective tissue disorders affecting the collagen in our bodies. To find out more, please visit
Thank you,
-Lara Etzen

May. 22, 2017

I think it's time I tell my story. My name is Lara Etzen. I am the adult this country hates.

I am the child that no one wanted. Disabled, sick, and far too stubborn to die- no matter how hard I tried. I bounced from "foster" homes every 6months since age 15. I've had every form of abuse checked off the list like some twisted game of charades and it never stops. I am in my early 20s, and it has never gotten easier.

I was born in a body that sets out to destroy me every day, and every year I get sicker. I have multiple debilitating genetic diseases. My life isn't on hold, it never started. And for the 2nd time in my life since age 18, I am homeless, going on week 3. This government failed me.

I was illegally evicted from my aunt's house while I was in the hospital. Legally I am entitled to 30days notice because I paid rent for 3+ months, but I didn't get that. She is a lawyer, knows it's illegal and doesn't care. I was told over text, while in the hospital, that I would not be allowed to return home upon discharge and need to remove my things immediately. Her reason? She finds comfort in knowing if I died in a homeless shelter, at least it wouldn't be in her house. She can sleep soundly knowing I stopped breathing somewhere else. Because I do almost die sometimes. I need a caregiver. Yet the hospital still discharged me to the streets and APS did nothing.

As a disabled 20-year-old female, waiting to be approved for 2 neurosurgeries and a cardiac pacemaker, this has left me devastated and homeless and at the mercy of strangers kindness. People I have never met before, incredible strangers through the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome community (the disease I have) that have helped me and I am so grateful for them- while most of my "family" hasn't batted an eye and this government does nothing. And you know what's really shitty? I can't work. I live off of SSI, making me the lowest level of poverty. I can't afford to live. Meanwhile, you think I am just "lazy." And MOST healthy people, whether they admit it or not, refuse to rent to a sick person. So I kept quiet.

I am the child that wasn't wanted. I am the child that should have been aborted. I didn't choose to live yet YOU now ironically want to abolish MY health care, exterminate me like vermin AND take away female rights to choose?! In a system that doesn't help those children. I was THAT child. I AM that adult. I am a pre-existing condition. I live off YOUR tax dollars. I am the adult this country hates. I didn't choose this. NO ONE DOES.